C.A.R.E   [COMPASSION-ACTION-REFORMATION-EXTREME] is a registered Charitable Trust formed to rescue animals in despair, to save their lives, to rehabilitate wildlife in forests and to educate the public in the compassionate/ humane treatment of all animals. We use sound scientific evidence to inform our decisions and determine the course of our rescue operations. In all that we do, we seek to find practical solutions that benefit both animals and people. Our scope is limited only by our resources, If we cannot assist a suffering animal ourselves, we are often able to redirect a call for help to those who can. We maintain contact with a network of groups and individuals around the globe who are as committed as we are to helping animals in distress. We work to help Police Dept. and Forest Dept to nab all those violators of Animal laws of India.

The C.A.R.E Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) working globally for the protection of the social justice, environment and Animal rights. We provide a forum for citizens, NGOs and activists working for sustainable development and social change, and also provide opportunities for research, training and education on animal welfare, environmental and social issues for young scientists.


With the respectful Homage of Justice.T.Rajiah Nadar, born on August 15, 1947 with Indian Independence in a poor agricultural family the thought and initiative of this C.A.R.E Trust has been inspired. Being compassionate farmer serving all animals like bullocks, buffalos, cows, goats, dogs, cats, birds etc. he began his career in Police Dept. and studied Law in Evening college of Madras Law College 1974 batch. His main aim is to develop sound legislation to serve the poor community and to protect the poor animals from cruelty and neglect. He is very stringent on his Judgments towards cruelties on the poor society and the poor animals to incorporate the social justice to the poor lives.

Being an ardent animal lover since childhood, his interest on Dog squad, Horse guard of Madras IGP Office made him to rescue animals from roads/Beach and rush to get them treated in Blue Cross, Besant gardens and SPCA, Vepery. With his dream and legacy to make an Organization to help poor people and poor animals this C.A.R.E Trust has been blessed with...


In south India, Madurai is situated in the heart of Tamil Nadu state with Kerala and Karnataka states as boundaries shielded with Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats. A dense extensive streak of hilly forest region stretching from the Nilgiris, Palani, odaikanal till Kumuli, Munar, Tekkady of Kerala on one side with Srivilliputhur, Courtalam, Vallanadu, kalakadu, Pabanasam, Mundanthurai range on other side. It has concealed and concentrated with innumerable species of Fauna and flora. Another beauty of the city is its vicinity towards Arabian sea and Indian Ocean till they meet at Cape Comorin.

Madurai is surrounded by Yanaimalai, Nagamalai and pasumalai as its city boundary. It is 550 kms from Chennai city, 350 kms from Bangalore city and 320 kms from Trivandrum city. It has been well connected with roadways NH-7, railway junction and domestic airway links.

Geographical location

North Latitude :   Between 9�30.00 and 10�30.00

East Latitude :   Between 77�00.00 and 78�30.00

The Madurai City

Madurai is Tamil Nadu's oldest city and one of India's oldest cities, with a history dating back to the Sangam period of the pre-Christian era. It was home to the ancient Tamil Sangam (The Academy of Tamil Learning), and the capital city of Pandya kingdom. Megasthenes, the ancient Greek diplomat and envoy to India in 3rd century BC, had written in glowing terms about it in Indica, his celebrated account on India. Madurai reached its heights of glory in the hands of the Pandyas in the 13th century. After all, the Pandyas were the ones who made the city their capital, and built the Meenakshi Temple, which has always been the greatest attraction of the city. The city flourished under Pandya rule when it was a major trading hub with trading contacts with Greece, Rome, South Eastern and Middle Eastern countries. Madurai with rich cultural heritage, beautiful buildings and benevolent people can rightly be called as the �ATHENS of the EAST�.